5 Things in an Airport that Cost Less Than $7.00

Last week I lost a day of my life, a chunk of my soul and eventually my patience. But I did get a coupon for $7.00 from United Airlines because, and I quote from the voucher:

"We regret the disruption in your travel experience.

(12 hours delayed and in the end at 10:15pm they cancelled the full flight so most passengers ended up sleeping on the airport floor)

Please accept our apology along with the following amenity. $7.00 meal voucher for use at any participating food vendor."

Here are five things I found at the airport that cost less than $7.00:

A big bottle of Fiji water: $5.00
A container of Oikos Greek yogurt: $5.95 (why is all yogurt Greek now? And why isn't that helping their economy?)
A Venti Teavana Oprah Cinnamon Chai Tea Latte: $5.35 (and seriously Oprah? This is one of your favorite things?)
A Chicken wrap at Itza Wrap!: $6.99 (you'll have to pay the sales tax)
A Big Mac Meal of course: $5.69 (but at 1,120 calories and 48 grams of fat)

Dear United Airlines,
While I appreciate your gesture, the dollar amount for your apology is way off. Because your pilot did not show up for work, 167 passengers were stranded until the next day. To get the voucher they had to stand in line for over an hour. The total cost to you (IF everyone stood in line) was $1,169.00. Do you really call that service recovery? How about increasing that number to $15.00? For $2,505.00 you actually do provide a nutritious meal to the weary passengers. 

Denise Wymore
1 Million Miler