Loyalty Economics 101: Service Recovery

Last night I arrived in balmy Madison, Wisconsin - thank you United Airlines for getting me in EARLY. I checked into the Doubletree Hotel, got my warm chocolate chip cookie and opened the door to my even warmer hotel room. It was 80 and humid. I fiddled around with the thermostat and took off for dinner. When I returned it had cooled down to 78. Clearly something was not working. 

The Doubletree had a placard on the desk that said "We'll Make it Right." So I called the front desk to ask if I was working the air conditioning controls correctly. The nice gal at the front desk said she would send maintenance up right away. And right away there was a knock at the door. Duane arrived in uniform, very polished and apologized for the inconvenience. In under 5 minutes after he dismantled the unit on the wall he had the solution. Immediately I could feel cold crisp air filling the room. I set the temperature to "refrigerator" and climbed into the king size bed with 6 feather pillows. Heavenly. 

In the morning I found this note had been slid under the door. 

I'm Marriott Silver Elite. I'm only staying at a Hilton property because it's where CUNA has their out-of-town teachers stay. I'm here to teach Strategic Marketing to third year CUNA Management School students. I have all day with the students tomorrow - and my curriculum already has this covered. Word-of-mouth is, always has been and always will be the most effective form of marketing. And today with the Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, it's more important than ever that we "make things right."  That's strategic marketing. 

Good job Doubletree in Madison! And the breakfast was pretty good too!