What Credit Union Marketers Can Learn from the Kardashians

This week may mark the "Jump the Shark" moment for the KK brand. But probably not.

Nevertheless it got me to thinking about the Kardashian Machine and why it continues to keep our attention. Or at the very least stays "in your face" enough to not be ignored. 

It comes down to good marketing, period. How else can you explain their longevity and American definition of success?  Haters will admonish them for their lack of real talent, yet we've all been curious enough to peak behind the curtain and see what's going on.

So what can credit unions learn from this model?

1. It started with a compelling story. Robert Kardashian was just another high powered attorney in Hollywood until he got the OJ Simpson trial. Earned him the spotlight, a Wikipedia page and now a movie - he was destined to be a part of history. 

Credit union lesson: What is your story? Who started your credit union? A teacher? A fire chief? A longshoreman? Do you know? If not, look it up. It matters.

2. When Mr. Kardashian died his wife Kris carefully merged her family to another iconic figure and wisely did NOT change her name. 

Credit union lesson: Many credit unions original sponsors did die, and so they had to merge or change. Did you choose your partner wisely? Did you trash your first loves name by risking identity with your new partner? It matters.

3. They added new members second generation "Kardashian's" to continue the history.

Credit union lesson: Grow or die.

4. Some could say Kim Kardashian is the "core product" and a lot of care should go into delivering your core products and keeping them relevant. Baby number two  is on the way and she's not getting any younger and pretty soon we are going to see more pictures of cute offspring....keeping attention away from her hips. 

Credit union lesson: Do you have Apple pay tied to your checkng account yet? If the answer is "No" you are definitely not keeping up with the Kardashians. We need to stop being fast followers and be the early adopters, or better yet, the innovators.

5. Suddenly a new crop of Kardashians are hitting the modeling/bar scene to keep the youth interested (after all, as mentioned above, Kim is on her way to be an old married woman with kids). 

Credit union lesson: It's not just enough to have a cute kid's club account. What do you offer to the 12-18 year-olds? This is the time you could gain a loyal member.

6. Daddy becomes a woman. They are definitely on the leading edge of this trend. And so it's a perfect differentiator in the crowded reality show space. 

Credit union lesson: Do something bold to differentiate yourself from the pack of "me too" products and services.