My Love/Hate Relationship with The Facebook

Okay, I'm going to admit it now - I do GET the Facebook. And yes, I'm on it almost daily, spying on my nieces and nephews, posting food porn and living vicariously through Julie Ferguson. But should my business be on Facebook? 

Should your credit union have a Facebook page?

6th Story does have a Facebook presence, but I have not been updating it. Because, well, people know me, and I post on Denise Wymore's Facebook page.  I have a face. They know Matt Davis. He has a really nice face. You could say we ARE the faces of 6th Story. So why should 6th Story be on the Facebook? 

In order to set up a business account it has to be tied to a personal account. For a time Facebook had a business account feature that was stand alone but discontinued it. Maybe they only want "faces" on there. Hmmmm....

Should a credit union ask their members to like them?

 SOURCE: Frank Media

SOURCE: Frank Media

This always makes me feel sad when I see "like us" on Facebook.  It feels so 8th grade, passing a note during class, "Do you like me? Yes or No. Check one."  Now I know we all aren't really professing our "like" for something or someone. We may actually "love" them. We're just pushing a button and seeing a score increase. But what does it all mean? The blog Convert with Content says:

If the content is good, people will like it.  But don't ask for likes or shares as this could actually hurt you. 

Should your credit union advertise products on Facebook? 

I'm going with an emphatic NO! I get so annoyed with advertising. I've been able to pay to avoid most of it (Netflix, Spotify) but it seems like on the inter web it's alive and well and kicking and screaming and I just want to watch people's puppy videos! I don't care about your car promotion! Put that on your home page and maybe I'll see it when I'm dashing down the hallway to home banking. 

What should your credit union do on Facebook? 

Have some fun and show some faces. My favorite credit union on Facebook is without a doubt Spokane Federal . Look at all the faces on that page. I love things like a reminder that leaving your pet in the car during the summer is abuse, so bring them on in to the credit union, they'll even get a treat. That post got 22 likes and a big thumbs up from me. They seldom talk about their products or services. But the best part is they are really involved in the community. And not just volunteering. They have their own unique events like a meet the author story time for kids. 

Post good content and people will share. 

What should I not do on Facebook? 

Ignore it. Our Facebook stats are out there for all to see. We almost have 100 likes. I haven't posted anything in almost two months. Matt and I were talking about this, people kind of expect you to have a Facebook page, but then we have to be committed to keeping it fun and up-to-date. I'd rather be blogging. We may take it down.

And for the love of Pete, do NOT put shiny happy people on your damn Facebook page. It's bad enough you're assaulting me with these on your website. It's Face-book. If you can't find some real faces you should not be on there at all. 

Thanks for reading this, now will you go "Like Us" please?