Proud Partner: Denise's Dream

Good things happen to good people. While I love this phrase, I'll be the first to admit it's imperfect. It doesn't guarantee that if you're good, everything that happens to you will be good. It doesn't mean that good things never happen to bad people. It may literally mean that (sometimes) good things happen to good people, but I tend to believe it means that, when all things are considered, good people should expect the karmac boomerang to return some percentage of the goodness they, themselves, have provided the world. Being good (doing good things, helping people out, etc.) doesn't guarantee full reciprocation, but it increases the chances.

A really good thing just happened for my friend and business partner Denise Wymore. She's spent her entire career helping credit unions build brands and marketing competencies. She's been someone who pumps me up when I'm feeling down, inspires me when I get stumped, and gives me tough love when I get over-confident. To know her is to love her.

Since her first book was published back in 2006, Denise's full attention has been dedicated to the idea of loyalty. How, she wondered, might brands optimize products, people, and processes to drive belongingness and passion for specific customer bases? One key, she found, is in how loyalty is measured. If you've heard her speak over the past decade, you've likely heard her mention Satmetrix' Net Promoter Score. While this metric's core is a very simple survey question, Satmetrix built it into a powerful analytic tool for consumer insights. Denise became a certified Net Promoter Score consultant and later helped to form Member Loyalty Group (MLG), a CUSO formed to help credit unions share costs and expertise related to Satmetrix' software license and tools.

So, when Satmetrix contacted Denise about a dream position at their California headquarters last month, it was something she had to take seriously. Good things happen to good people, and I'm proud to say that has been the case here. In April, Denise will begin work as an employee at Satmetrix. She will be responsible for further developing Satmetrix' communities, online and off, allowing her to combine her endless people, writing, and event planning skills with her passion for helping brands drive loyalty.

I couldn't be happier for Denise. While this certainly wasn't the plan for 6th Story, it's the hand that we've been dealt. And even though she and I co-founded this organization so we could work together for decades, I'm first and foremost her friend. Friends don't let friends say no to dream jobs.

So please join me in congratulating Denise on her new role. I know she's already dreaming up ways to further connect the power of Satmetrix to the credit union world she loves.


- Matt