Being Young & Free

A few years ago I was having dinner with some credit union friends in the Seattle area. At one point I asked the group what they wanted to accomplish for credit unions by the end of their careers. We went around the table, each describing our ambitions.

When it got to Currency Marketing's Tim McAlpine, he simply said "I want to create a million new young adult credit union members." For most people this would have been an outrageous aspiration. Not for Tim. Currency's Young & Free program is well on its way of accomplishing that goal.

Young & Free is a challenge-based marketing program that leverages social media to uncover a "spokester" to represent the young adult market in a credit union's field of membership. The program works, and has done an amazing job of energizing young people about credit unions, lowering the average age of membership at participating shops, and focusing credit unions on creating a compelling story for this market.

While the program is working wonders for Currency's clients, a nice little bonus for everyone else is the amazing content they've created to help spread the word about credit unions. Their most recent clip, "Being Young & Free," can be seen below. How are your credit union's products, processes, and people aligned to help this segment?

- Matt